Going Green?

What it means to me, by Gloria Paul of A Greener Clean When I think of the term “Green” it reminds me of God’s green Earth. I think of trees, plants, and basically all that is natural in the world. It can mean different things to different people. For me, being “green” is keeping it […]

Housework Safety For Aging Adults

4 Safety Mistakes To Avoid While Cleaning Your Home As we get older, accidents in the home pose a higher risk to fractures and other injuries. An experienced housecleaner shares some tips to help prevent sprains and falls while doing chores around your home.  Not Wearing Shoes Indoors We all know of the germs that […]

Why I love Miele Vacuums

I love them so much I outfit every employee their own Miele Canister #1 – Contained System. The dirt goes in. The dirt stays in. When the bag gets full, I don’t have to wash out a nasty canister. The Miele AirClean system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles #2 – on […]

Our secret weapon against germs

by Gloria Paul, owner of A Greener Clean LLC of Statesville, NC What is eco friendly, truly cleans, and protects surfaces for days? Enter our secret weapon against grime and germs: multipurpose cleaners by zbioscience I first learned about this amazing product about a year ago. My cleaning company is dedicated to using green cleaning […]

How much does house cleaning cost?

How much is YOUR TIME worth to you? whether you have never hired a cleaning company or you have relocated and need to find a new service, you may find yourself wondering how much you will expect to pay to have your home cleaned. Some people cannot physically vacuum, mop, wash the bathrooms, or do […]

Preparing for your house cleaning

Do I really have to clean before the cleaners come? Yes! 5 things to do before your maid arrives #1 – Declutter and Tidy Up This means washing the dishes in the sink and putting them away. Placing loose items on counter tops into drawers or closets or baskets. Putting toys away. Cleaning up clutter […]

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Caring for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Doesn’t Need to be “HARD” For routine cleaning, forget the broom & ol’ string mop and bucket. Experts say the best way to clean hardwood floors after they’ve been vacuumed (don’t use a beater brush!) is a very low moisture method such as spray with the recommended cleaner for your floor type, […]

Hardwood Floors Losing their luster?

Do you feel like your regular cleaning routine just isn’t enough? Does your floor fail the “paper towel test”? We have some advice for you! Your problem may not be with the cleaning but with your floors finish. Wood must be treated to protect it and give it a nice shine. There are different types of finishes but I won’t get into […]

Hire a cleaning lady or a cleaning “company”?

Should You Hire a “Cleaning Lady” or a “Company”? I can’t tell you how many times I went to homes to give cleaning estimates, to find out they have only used individuals, and not a ‘business’. It is a very common practice to find a ‘cleaning lady’ by referral of a friend or neighbor, or […]



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