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Get your questions answered about our trusted maid services we offer, and how we provide the best maid cleaning services for you!

Yes we are happy to accomodate your one-time or occasional cleaning bookings. You can choose either a deep clean, or a general cleaning. see our contact page for our price quote calculator

Our office and cleaning hours are between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm EST Mon-Fri. If no one answers please leave a message or text us. We do not work nights or weekends

We charge flat rates by the job, not by the hour. Most companies may quote a hourly rate which sounds low to you, but keep in mind you don’t know how long it will take, therefore the total may end up being more in the end. Because every home is different, we need to know a little bit about your space. Our minimum for any visit is $150. Our deep clean or move in is the highest priced package, then general, monthly, biweekly, and weekly being the most discounted service package we offer. All first time customers will either be a move-in, deep clean or a general clean package.

No. If you are home, we simply ask that you please allow your cleaners free access to all the rooms they need to work in. If you don’t plan to be home, you will need to work out details with our office about how the cleaning team will get in and out, and any security codes we may need access to. For your convenience we can be given alarm and/or garage code(s).

If you need a consistent time of arrival, we suggest you request to be the first house of the day. You then must be willing to allow your team to arrive as early as 8:00am. We give estimated time of arrivals, but all our appointments are estimates (not exact), so please allow a 1-2 hour window. If you feel the need to always be home to let the cleaners in and your schedule is very tight, we may not be a good fit for you.

We understand the need to skip for various reasons. This is why we quote weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly rates. For example, if you skip a weekly, the next time back you pay the bi-weekly rate; if you skip a bi-weekly, your next visit back will be charged at the monthly rate. If you skip a monthly visit, it may be subject to an ‘general’ clean price.

Our team members are trained so that they can effectively, efficiently, and safely clean your home to our company standards. If you feel the need to follow the cleaners around each room, offer suggestions on how to perform their job, or call out things that are missed before they are finished, our services are not a good fit for you. Professional house cleaning services are for people who trust the cleaning team to perform their job without a need to micromanage them.

No. If you would like us to wash your kitchen sink, please make sure it is clear of any dishes. We do not offer laundry services. We can change bedsheets, and will put the dirty linens in the laundry room.

We find our customers are most happy when the entire home is being maintained. However, deducting certain rooms is allowed as long as it stays consistent so we can make sure we know how much time to allot for your appointments.

Although we do our best to assign the same staff to each home, there are times when this isn’t possible. We ask that you be flexible and understand that all our employees are trained to the same methods and standards. For move-in and deep cleans, we sometimes need to send a team of 2 or 3 cleaners. For general and reoccurring appointments, the same solo cleaner is typically assigned to one home. Then when he/she is not able to work, another team member will fill in.

We love pets and we are experts at cleaning up pet hair. Although we try our best not to let out animals, if your pet is prone to sneaking out the door(s), please contain them. We may ask that dog(s) be crated for their safety and ours.

We use all of our green cleaning supplies and vacuums. We do ask to use your personal toilet bowl brushes to avoid cross contamination of germs between homes. If you do not have toilet brushes, let our office know, and we will provide them for you to keep at your home. For safety reasons we ask that you do not ask your cleaner(s) to use any products / chemicals that are not a part of our standard issued supplies. If you want to know what we clean with, call our office at 704-765-2035. We do not use any harsh chemical like bleach or lysol. If you like harsh chemicals then we may not be the right fit for you.

We take all major Credit Cards, Venmo, paypal, and cashapp. If paying by check please have it mailed to our pobox before or on the date of your appointment. If paying by credit card, you will be texted or emailed an invoice to pay online the day of your appointment. The computer may save your CC in our system for future use.

We do ask that you tidy up. This may include but isn’t limited to: any loose papers, clutter, cosmetics and toiletries on counters, toys on the floor, clothes laying about, dishes, etc. before your team arrives. This will ensure a more thorough cleaning job. We do not offer organization but can recommend some local organizers to you if you need help with getting your home in order before making an appointment. If there is clutter, our team will work “around” it.

Yes. Please call the office in advance to schedule these extra services and inquire about the fees.

No, certainly not. We do require acceptance in writing of our service agreement. But this is just an outline of our policies and procedures. Signing a agreement does NOT lock you in. If cancelling services, as a courtesy please give us as much notice as possible, at a minimum 24 hours to avoid being charged for your appointment.

I have found that with cheaper prices comes cheaper service, cutting corners, and less satisfaction. We compete only with ourselves and on the value we bring to our customers. We are not the cheapest, but we aren’t the most expensive either. We are always trying to improve our clients experience and believe hiring a housecleaning service is an investment in a better quality of life. If you are struggling with a health crisis please let us know if we have any free cleaning appointments available. We also partner with Cleaning For A Reason to donate free cleaning to cancer patients.

No. We cannot clean in any homes that have a mold problem. Please call your local mold cleanup company to have it remedied before our arrival.

We do not service any homes in which occupants smoke indoors, or contain the smell of cigarette, vapes, or cigar smoke. Most of our clients hire us due to their allergies to chemicals, and we don't wish to contaminate our equipment or subject our employees to second hand smoke.

We typically send one cleaner. The exception is when we have deep cleans or a trainee. We try to assign the same cleaners to a home so you get accustomed to seeing the same cleaners. All of our employees are 3rd party screened with a background check and drug test for your safety and peace of mind. You will receive a photo of your team members via email after your appointment is booked. Team members come dressed in company uniform.
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