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How to Clean Shower Glass Doors

Do You Struggle With Cloudy Shower Glass Doors? Here are some tips for how to avoid a cloudy finish and clean your shower glass doors just like the pros!

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Do You Struggle With Cloudy Shower Glass Doors? 

The #1 Question I get asked is about shower glass doors with HARD WATER DEPOSITS

Well, I have cleaned A LOT OF showers in the past 12 years ..... And here are my top 2 favorite products specifically made for this problem

# 1 - A-maz Clean and Green - click here to buy (paste)

This is a paste.  Its a thick creamy paste that if you smear on the glass with a cloth or sponge, let dry, and buff off, works wonders at getting glass clear and clean. Also works great in sinks and bathtubs and on fixtures with hard water deposits. Follow directions on container. The only downside is the container must be stored in the upright position. If its tilted the product may stick to the lid. What I love is its gentle on the skin and the nose. Wear gloves if you have sensitive skin. 

#2 - Brite and Clean Hard Water Stain Remover click here to buy(powder)

This is a white powder cleanser. It will also be great for scrubbing soap scum, but I would reserve it for hard water deposits on fixturs or glass. You will slightly dampen a soft microfiber towel cloth and then sprinkle some powder onto the cloth and start buffing the glass. Follow the directions on the bottle. I like the size of the container this comes in. It fits nicely in my side pocket of my cleaning bag. It also is a powder so theres no messy crust that forms on the lid like the other pastes mentioned. This product is also gentle on the skin and the nose. I would recommend wearing gloves if you have sensitive skin (just in case!) 

additional tips to remember

Remember that if you have a really built-up hard water issue, it will take TIME and ELBOW GREASE. Don't expect a a miracle but also don't give up! You may need to repeat the steps 2-3 times to acheive the best results. 

Once you do get your glass doors sparkling, invest in a Squeegee (seriously, though, you can get one at the dollar store). Dry the glass everytime you are done using the shower and it will prevent further build up. 

Happy Cleaning!


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April 05, 2023
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