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My Top Product Picks

Here are my top product picks that I would suggest you start with replacing your toxic cleaning chemicals with.

Cleaning Caddy

#1 -  Castille Soap. This soap is great because its environmentally friendly, gentle on the skin, and it smells fantastic! The cleaning power against dirt, soap scum, and greasy gunk is amazing too. Bonus: I use castille soap to refill my foaming hand soap containers, I usually mix half and half with water


#2 - Bon Ami - this versatile cleansing powder has been around for a loooong time! Its only made from 5 ingredients. Its cheap. Its pretty effective at getting your stainless steel to shine (think water spots) and bathtubs scrubbed squeeky clean. It is also fantastic on glass stove tops


#3 - Microfiber Cloths - These are nice because you get ones that are specifically made to clean and polish different areas in your home. We love the glass and polish cloths from E-Cloth. They are economical and they work great (no more paper towels) for streak free windows and mirrors with just water!


#4 - Essential oils and baking soda - Cheap and versatile. Add essential oils to your vacuum filter, air filters, or difusser to get a nice smell in the home instead of using nasty chemicals that are contained in traditional "fragrances". Baking soda is super cheap and it is a nice cleanser to scrub tile grout (for mildew, add some peroxide and lemon essential oil)


Happy Cleaning, Gloria

I do make a small percentage off the links above. I only recommend products I know and LOVE!

July 07, 2021
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