With deadly viruses and antibiotic-resistant infections on the rise, and current tools and equipment only reaching about 25% of room surfaces, yesterday's cleaning and infection control systems are obsolete. Today, you need a system based on innovative and practical technology.

What is Enviro Mist?

Enviro Mist is a highly concentrated liquid mixture of US FDA ‘GRAS’ (Generally Regarded As Safe) schedule probiotic bacteria, designed to applied to indoor environments to populate the surfaces with safe, beneficial probiotic bacteria. We apply the solution with a handheld machine, called a mini fogger. The mini fogger allows us to apply the solution on moisture tolerant surfaces where germs and odors may be present. The dominant presence of these beneficial probiotics throughout indoor environments promotes occupant health and wellbeing. How?

How does it Remove Viruses from Surfaces?

Enviromist Mister

Viruses have a lipid (think grease) layer encapsulating and protecting the core of the virus. The virus can stay active for many hours on surfaces and then get picked up by touch. So how can the presence of viruses on surfaces, such as Covid-19, best be addressed? Z BioScience Multi-Task Probiotic Cleaner is an excellent way to address the problem because the powerful surfactants immediately attack and dissolve the lipid layer that holds the virus together. No protective lipid layer – no functional virus. (like washing our hands with soap & water). Multi-Task is a great surfactant as demonstrated in independent tests by TURI Labs (Toxic Use Reduction Institute) at UMASS Lowell. During their laboratory testing they proved that MultiTask removed 95.2% of surface soils, making it one of the most effective cleaners they have tested.

How do Multi-Task's surfactants impact surface viruses? They:

  • Primarily dissolve the fat membrane, (aka lipids) that surrounds a virus, so viruses then start to fall apart and become inactive. They dissolve the glue that holds the virus together. .
  • Outcompete the interactions between the virus and surfaces, helping viruses get detached from surfaces
  • So, performing a “meticulous” cleaning using Multi-Task, (in accordance with the CDC’s instructions), creates a combination of detachment of viruses from the surface while simultaneously causing the virus to fall apart, and so creates a clean, safe surface Furthermore,
  • Disinfectants, or liquids, wipes, gels and creams containing alcohol have a similar effect but are not as good as surfactants on their own.
  • Furthermore, the ingredients in non-alcohol antibacterial agents (quats, HO2, etc.), don’t affect the virus structure nearly as effectively as surfactants mixed with water.
  • In short, Multi-Task is an excellent cleaner at removing surface soils, and its surfactants represent the best means of addressing the presence of viruses on surfaces.
    Multi-Task is unique in its combination of these performance qualities, with the added benefit of ongoing surface cleaning and protection provided by the probiotics which may last for up to three days.

When safe probiotic bacteria dominate the biological ecosystem within your indoor environment, their presence accomplishes two important feats:

  • In accordance with the scientific principle of ‘Competitive Exclusion’, (which states that where two species such as beneficial probiotics and harmful pathogens compete for an available food source, one will win and dominate, displacing the other by starving it out), saturating surfaces with probiotics positively alters the microbial balance on those surfaces so that pathogens are displaced.
  • The ongoing presence of the probiotics on surfaces also provides a unique level of protection by making those surfaces hostile and in-hospitable to pathogens, thereby preventing the pathogens re-establishing themselves.
  • So fogging indoor areas with Enviro Mist quickly and effectively populates indoor environments with safe, beneficial FDA ‘GRAS’ probiotic bacteria, getting them to out of reach areas that are generally not cleaned, so that the entire area is dominated by an army of billions of probiotics that continue to silently, but relentlessly clean and protect your indoor areas.
    Enviro Mist is most effective when used in conjunction with Multi-Task All Surface Cleaner, which is ideal for use on all hard surfaces throughout a home; from hard floor surfaces, kitchen counters, tables, desks and chairs as well as all parts of bathrooms and toilet restrooms. Both Multi-Task and Enviro Mist are excellent at eliminating household odors. Both products are safe to be used in the presence of Family, Friends and Pets, and are suitable for all moisture tolerant surfaces within your home.

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