Low bid services

At Low Bid Services, they guaranty the lowest prices. They will meet or beat anyone’s quote. They cut corners on licenses, insurance and the people They hire and pass those savings along to you the consumer.
We charge a fair price for quality service. We may not be the low bid, but we promise to be the best value.

Employee Photos

Low Bid Services dispatch program allows them to automatically send you an appointment confirmation with a photo of the employee coming to your home. Never mind he was recently released from prison for his third burglary conviction. Don't you feel more comfortable now that you have his photo.
A Greener Cleans dispatch program allows us to automatically send you an appointment confirmation with a photo of the employee along with the Seal Certified Badge. You'll know the person coming to your door is safe!

Employee Background checks

Low Bid Services might background check employees. Sometimes they'll just do a driver’s license check or the receptionist searches the US Gov website for convictions. Sometimes they might even check the entire state. When they have a little extra money (which isn't often since they work so cheap) they do a cheap interest search on one of those sites where all the convict has to do is request his name be deleted to show a clear record. Since they don't have a published criteria, and it is not administered by a third party, they will occasionally hire someone with a really scary record if we are in a pinch and really need someone, but hey they're not lying when we said they background checked them.
Our background check provider is AsktheSeal.com.They publish their criteria on their website so there is no guessing about who is coming to your home or business. Only applications who pass their published criteria, get photo ID badges issued by AsktheSeal.com, and are eligible for SEAL-MAIL, an appointment confirmation with photo, bio and proof of annual background check directly from


Photo IDs

Tony with Low Bid Services picked up a badge printer at a going out of business sale the other day so now all his employees have photo Id badges. These badges mean…………. Well, I guess they just mean they have a badge printer now.
All the A Greener Clean employees have photo ID badges issued by Ask-theSeal certifying that they were background checked in the last 12 months and that they met the criteria published on their website. You can take our word that our employees are safe and trustworthy. But, if you'd rather have another opinion, we've did this for you by getting a 3rd party to certified our employees!

Our Employees

Since this is one of the most expensive parts of running a business, this is where Low Bid Services can easily save you some money. Most of their employees have been fired from competitors for incompetence, stealing or being aggressive with other employees and customers. Since these people can't find jobs with reputable competitors, they are willing to work for less and Low Bid Services can pass those savings along you.
A Greener Clean may not be the cheapest guys in town, but we are the best value. We have professionally trained staff who are able, and willing, to help work with you. Our maids and support staff are professionals that take pride in their work and want to ensure you are satisfied with your services we provide.

License and Insurance

Low Bid Services is licensed and insured*. it says so on my business card and website. In reality, they don't have liability insurance. They don't provide health insurance or workers comp. If someone gets hurt you will likely get sued for medicals bills and lost wages. After all, there is no where else for them to go and someone has to pay. Your insurance company might help you unless you have one of those pesky policies that don't cover unlicensed and uninsured work.

*I have a driver's license and car insurance

View our profile on AsktheSeal.com. There you will see our license information. AsktheSeal is a certificate holder on our insurance so they are notified on any changes or lapses of insurance. They also verify and post our license information publicly. These means you don't have to sift through things to see that what we tell you is true.