Why I love Miele Vacuums

Nov 5,2019


I love them so much I outfit every employee their own Miele Canister

These vacuums really suck!

#1 – Contained System. The dirt goes in. The dirt stays in. When the bag gets full, I don’t have to wash out a nasty canister. The Miele AirClean system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles

#2 – on board attachments. I love my canister vacuums because they come with a crevice tool, upholstery tool, brush, hardfloor parquet brush, and electric powered carpet head, all with a telescopic wand. The wand allows me to fit the vacuum under most beds and some other pieces of furniture.

#3 – Light Weight.

#4 – Quality product that lasts. My first miele was given to us by my husband’s parents as a wedding gift over 16 years ago, and it is still in working condition today (although a few minor repairs were made over the year, nothing major)

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