Nov 5,2019

What is eco friendly, truly cleans, and protects surfaces for days?

Enter our secret weapon against grime and germs: multipurpose cleaners by zbioscience

I first learned about this amazing product about a year ago. My cleaning company is dedicated to using green cleaning methods and the best in eco friendly products. Sometimes it is hard to find green cleaning products that actually clean well. Microfiber cloths have allowed us to use only water and remove over 99 percent of contamination, but I always thought, couldn’t we do more? Enter zbioscience and their multi surface spray. Now I can use the power of probiotics to work for us even after we’ve completed the cleaning and we leave. The probiotics go to work for hours and days later, fighting any “bad” bacteria with the “good” bacteria. The following was taken from the manufacturer’s website:

We don’t like to think about it, but most heavy-duty disinfectants are just chemotherapy for our environment. The idea is to poison all the microbes around us and hope those poisons don’t damage human or animal health.

It’s a bad bet. Toxins can accumulate in the environment and our bodies. Dangerous bacteria and viruses can develop resistance. As time goes on, the chemical only solution becomes unsustainable – it just doesn’t work.

The better, sustainable, solution is to use nature’s own system: probiotics. These beneficial bacteria are non-toxic, organic and safe for children, pets and us. They create natural biosurfactants that clean without introducing the potentially harmful effects of chemicals-only cleaners and disinfectants

credit: http://zbioscience.com/the-sustainable-solution/

When I leave a house or business, I feel good knowing it has been truly cleaned. This creates a safer home or work environment for the people and pets inside.

To learn more about this wonderful product and to see some test results to prove these claims, visit the zbioscience company website: http://zbioscience.com/learning-center/

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