Nov 5,2019

What it means to me, by Gloria Paul of A Greener Clean

When I think of the term “Green” it reminds me of God’s green Earth. I think of trees, plants, and bas ically all that is natural in the world. It can mean different things to different people. For me, being “green” is keeping it that way through limiting our pollution and waste. Imagine for a minute you are camping in the woods. After you leave, what was your impact on that campsite? Did you leave trash, fumes, or waste in the nearby water?

Little changes, Big Impact

Here are some simple changes we all can make everyday

Use reusable zipper bags, washable water bottles, cups, straws, and towels (say no thanks to that plastic straw at the restaurant) Buy local raised meats free of hormones and antibiotics Grow a backyard garden Eat Non-GMO Organic Produce Recycle Avoid using items that aren’t recyclable (one time use Coffee brew cups) Switch to eco friendly household and beauty products Dispose of hazardous chemicals properly Avoid buying products that are harmful to the environment such as harsh toxic cleaners and herbicides / pesticides

Do What You Can

Nobody says you have to do it all. If you want to live a greener lifestyle it doesn’t mean you have to becomes super crunchy overnight. If you feel the need to make too many big changes then it might seem almost an impossible undertaking. If it becomes too stressful to give up some of your modern day conveniences, then just make baby steps and do what you can. In time, you may find you enjoy finding new ways to “go green”!

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