Caring for Hardwood Floors

Nov 5,2019

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Doesn’t Need to be “HARD”

For routine cleaning, forget the broom & ol’ string mop and bucket. Experts say the best way to clean hardwood floors after they’ve been vacuumed (don’t use a beater brush!) is a very low moisture method such as spray with the recommended cleaner for your floor type, and wipe with a flat style mop (either microfiber or terry cloth bonnet). You want to avoid steam cleaners (the excess moisture and heat can damage the finish) or soapy cleaners that leave a residue behind. A Greener Clean uses a ph neutral multi task cleaner for regular floor cleaning. Our vacuums have special hard floor attachments that lift and suck away the dirty before we mop.

After the floor is vacuumed, we use flat microfiber mops (like the rubbermaid reveal spray mop) with reusable mop pads. When cleaning we use just enough water to do the job, so the floor dries quickly. Using a single pad for an entire floor might be possible if the floor is not soiled. When very soiled and you don’t have extra clean pads, simply rinse out your dirty mop pad in a bucket of warm water (or sink or tub), wring out the excess moisture, and keep going. We try to keep on hand plenty of extra clean mop pads, so they can be changed out frequently.

Avoid scratching your floor finish by not dragging furniture. Place furniture sliders (they make plastic ones, and soft fabric kinds too) on the bottom of your chair legs. Regular vacuuming of dirt and debris and not wearing dirty shoes in the house helps as well.

If your floors are “oil treated” but not finished, you will want to avoid the multi task cleaners, and use a specific type of cleaning spray made for oiled floors.  follow these instructions https://www.bona.com/Consumer2/I-want-to/Clean–Maintain/Oiled-Wood-Floors/ and remember, low moisture is key. Let your cleaning company know if you have oiled floors (unfinished).

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