How much does house cleaning cost?

How much is YOUR TIME worth to you? whether you have never hired a cleaning company or you have relocated and need to find a new service, you may find yourself wondering how much you will expect to pay to have your home cleaned. Some people cannot physically vacuum, mop, wash the bathrooms, or do […]

Preparing for your house cleaning

Do I really have to clean before the cleaners come? Yes! 5 things to do before your maid arrives #1 – Declutter and Tidy Up This means washing the dishes in the sink and putting them away. Placing loose items on counter tops into drawers or closets or baskets. Putting toys away. Cleaning up clutter […]

Hire a cleaning lady or a cleaning “company”?

Should You Hire a “Cleaning Lady” or a “Company”? I can’t tell you how many times I went to homes to give cleaning estimates, to find out they have only used individuals, and not a ‘business’. It is a very common practice to find a ‘cleaning lady’ by referral of a friend or neighbor, or […]



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