Why I love Miele Vacuums

I love them so much I outfit every employee their own Miele Canister #1 – Contained System. The dirt goes in. The dirt stays in. When the bag gets full, I don’t have to wash out a nasty canister. The Miele AirClean system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles #2 – on […]

Our secret weapon against germs

by Gloria Paul, owner of A Greener Clean LLC of Statesville, NC What is eco friendly, truly cleans, and protects surfaces for days? Enter our secret weapon against grime and germs: multipurpose cleaners by zbioscience I first learned about this amazing product about a year ago. My cleaning company is dedicated to using green cleaning […]

How much does house cleaning cost?

How much is YOUR TIME worth to you? whether you have never hired a cleaning company or you have relocated and need to find a new service, you may find yourself wondering how much you will expect to pay to have your home cleaned. Some people cannot physically vacuum, mop, wash the bathrooms, or do […]



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